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If you’ve been keeping up with at least a few music blogs, you’ve surely heard of Birmingham indie rock band Peace. They’ve certainly gotten their share of hype since the release of their EP, ‘Delicious’, appearing in magazines and in blogs and receiving the opening slot on the 2013 NME Awards Tour.

Their debut album, In Love, is an interesting mix. The band itself seems to be largely a blend of dozens of influences; I noticed similarities to everything from MGMT to The Horrors to Foals. Much of the time I spent listening to the album, I also spent wondering “where have I heard that riff before?” and “why does this melody sound so familiar?” Their Britpop influence is abundant and obvious; ‘Waste of Paint’ sounds an awful lot like Blur’s ‘There’s No Other Way’, and bits and pieces of Oasis have been sprinkled throughout the album.

But that’s not to say that Peace are imitators. Whatever hooks they may have taken from other songs, they’ve implemented in an original way. Most of the songs on the album are interestingly arranged and provide an intriguing sense of contrast. ‘Wraith’, In Love‘s lead single, is a standout; it switches abruptly from eerie and jumpy to smooth and anthemic, and back. ‘Delicious’ has a similar concept, starting out with a bass-heavy intro, molting into a bright, tangly chorus and morphing into a one-part-rock, one-part-psychedelic bridge. It’s also the best song on the album.

While not a perfect album, In Love provides an interesting blend of styles, tempos, and transitions (sometimes, within a single song). It may seem heavily influenced by one band or another, but it’s never boring.


The album hits stores on March 25th, but is available for pre-release streaming here. Pre-order is available through iTunes or Amazon here.


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