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Indie pop duo Generationals are known for their textured, hook-filled songs, and ‘Heza’ brings just that; an enjoyable, catchy collection of tracks.

The album’s opener, ‘Spinoza’ is a knockout. It’s hook after hook, and thoroughly enjoyable. Its guitar-driven sound is easy and listenable, with a hint of surf rock (think Surfer Blood) that makes it even better.

‘You Got Me’ proves that Generationals can execute electronic-based tracks as well as they can guitar. It’s complete with a nice use of a sound bite that appears to be of a man speaking to an audience. The vocals are nice too; ‘Every single night/ You’ve got me aching all the time” proclaims in a hushed voice, accompanied by a soft backing chorus.

‘Put a Light On’ offers a rich blend of instruments and another catchy melody. Here’s the texture there’s been so much talk of.

A few other interesting songs on the album are “I Never Know’, which is nice and vaguely psychedelic (though it could do without the bursts of ambient noise) and ‘Awake’, which leans towards lo-fi.

‘Durga II’ is one song I’m not 100% sold on- it feels disconnected from the rest of the album, and a little bit outdated. I wasn’t overly fond of ‘Extra Free Year’ either; it felt a little overworked, which is one of the biggest risks the band faces with their complex music.

The best moments of the album are the simple ones, the songs that find direction without overcomplication. Unfortunately, these moments are a little too sparse. ‘Heza’ does have some very good and catchy tracks though, and I respect any music capable of getting stuck in my head.


Purchase ‘Heza’ from Polyvinyl Records here.


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