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This review is a bit of a special one, and one I’m excited about. My friend sent me the link a few days ago and asked me to review it for her- it was the work of her older sister, who had recorded the entire album piece by piece on a single microphone and then mixed it. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but after giving it a listen, I was impressed.

The album begins with “It’s Over”, a high-energy yet melancholic garage-influenced track, and is followed by the delicate “Finding The Way Home”, which takes a more hopeful tone and gives the feeling that something new is beginning.

Another highlight is “Naming All The Stars,” a beautiful, shimmering, introspective piece that I fell in love with at first listen. The slow-burner “Kiss Me, You’re Beautiful” is another favorite of mine.

Overall, I found the album stunning and thoughtful. It’s the kind of album you have to listen to all the way through, but it’s completely worth it.

Stream and download the album here.


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