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I first discovered The Proper Ornaments while reading an article about indie pop band Veronica Falls. Veronica Falls’ guitarist/vocalist James Hoare, one-half of The Proper Ornaments, impressed me in his work, so I decided to check out his second band. It was excellent timing, as their debut album, “Waiting for the Summer”, was scheduled for release shortly after I made the discovery.

I was fairly disappointed that most of the songs on the album had been previously released- all five songs on their self-titled EP had been included in the tracklist- but I really can’t complain. Their take on jangly, melancholy-laced indie pop is an enjoyable, if not completely groundbreaking, one, and every song on the aforementioned EP is stellar anyhow.

Album opener and namesake “Waiting for the Summer” is a no-frills, reflective track. “Feeling strange,” Hoare repeats over melodic guitar, setting up the album with its simple lyrics and jangle-pop spirit.

“Who Thought”, a favorite of mine from the EP, has an infectious riff and a great utilization of multi-layered vocals. It’s an excellent song; if you never listen to the rest of the album, do yourself a favor and listen to this track at least.

“Recalling” is a high point, drawing influence from garage rock and spinning itself into a fuzzy blend of nostalgia and psychedelic pop. Emotionally, it’s in the same boat as “You Still,” a stunningly clean, minimalist track with bright guitar and a vaguely gloomy undertone. This coninuous juxtaposition of happy and sad is something that makes the album stand out among the vast array of indie pop releases of 2013.

Overall, I enjoyed the album thoroughly, and can’t wait to see what else this talented duo produces!




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