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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tennis, they’re a retro-pop duo (husband and wife, no less) known for producing very breezy, very cute, and very well-written songs. ‘Small Sound’, the follow=up to 2012 sophomore album ‘Young & Old’, sees them experimenting a little more while stile keeping their beach-pop core.

Opener “Mean Streets” has, surprisingly, a Motown feel with its punchy piano and soulful vocals. If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, it’s not; it’s actually my favorite song on the EP. It’s a little bit novelty, yes, but it’s fun and it has heart.

“Timothy” is a nod back to debut album ‘Cape Dory’, which is vaguely disappointing but not unwelcome. Either way, “Cured of Youth” makes up for it with its subtle funk and another dose of soulfulness. It’s vibrant but interesting- a very good pop song. “Dimming Light” is in the same vein, though not quite as memorable. And last but not least, “100 Lovers” wraps up ‘Small Sound’ perfectly with an infectious 60s-endowed melody and hook after hook.

It’s cohesive without being repetitive and contains some of the best songs they’ve made. Cured of youth, maybe, but Tennis still know how to have fun.


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