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Without further ado, here’s the second segment of my new feature. Today I’ll be refreshing my memory of albums from March and April.

(Sidenote: I haven’t stopped listening to Toro Y Moi’s album since I featured it on Tuesday.)

#1: ‘Strike Gently’ by The Virgins

‘Strike Gently’ is probably best known as the first album to be released under Julian Casablancas’s label, Cult Records. I can’t say it’s in my top 15 of the year, or even the top 25, but it’s a okay album. Though it lacks the energy of The Virgins’ 2008 self-titled and some of the songs are a little too long, it’s good some good tracks, such as “What Good is Moonlight” and “Prima Materia.”

#2: ‘Overgrown’ by James Blake

This album is gorgeous. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful and the instrumentals clean and very nicely implemented. The production is great as well- no surprise, since both Blake himself and Brian Eno co-produced. Listening to ‘Overgrown’ makes me feel like I’m trekking alone through a beautiful, pure white tundra. I’m a fan (and plus, Blake gets bonus points for dating Theresa Wayman, Warpaint’s guitarist.)

#3: ‘Bigfoot’ by Cayucas

Okay, we get it. Summer, beaches, girls, whatever. It’s catchy and happy, but very shallow.  This album would be great background noise at a pool party, but I don’t think I would sit down and listen to it again, especially now that the pool covers are up and the ocean is freezing.

#4: ‘Totale Nite” by Merchandise

I’m sorta breaking the rules here since this is actually an EP, but a friend advised me to check it out. I’m glad I did! I’m a sucker for noise, and ‘Totale Nite’ is everything I could ask for. It has it all- a noisy intro, a catchy track, a thoughtful ballad, and a high-energy rocker. Very solid EP.

That’s it for today! Come back soon for the May/June segment.


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