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After suddenly coming to the realization that it’s already December 29th, I’ve decided to pull the plug on the month-by-month overview and get straight to the main event. So, without further ado, here are my favorite albums of 2013. Since I’m indecisive, I decided not to rank the albums and instead place them in two groups: my top 9 and top 3.

Top 9 Albums of 2013


‘Sunken’ by Twin Peaks

‘Sunken’ has a cavernous feel to it that creates a unique atmosphere. It’s rock and it’s lo-fi, but it’s also….something else I can’t describe. Regardless, I really love ‘Sunken’ and I can’t wait to hear more from Twin Peaks.


‘Mala’ by Devendra Banhart

This album is absolutely gorgeous. Banhart is without a doubt my favorite folk artist, and Mala is some of his best work.  It’s a really great balance of listenable and strange, which is what makes the album great.


‘Comedown Machine’ by The Strokes

Forget it’s a Strokes album and it registers as an arty mixtape that you maybe don’t quite get but grows on you until you end up loving it. It’s a quietly great album.


‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ by King Krule

There’s something so captivating about 19-year-old Archy Marshall’s debut album. (You can see my review here to read more about it).


‘Sleeper’ by Ty Segall

Never before has a  Ty Segall album nearly driven me to tears (not an exaggeration). ‘Sleeper’ is truly a work of art.


‘II’ by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

The best psychedelic album since Lonerism. Also, the best bass since Josh Fauver left Deerhunter.

Top 3 Albums of 2013

OLE-998 Kurt Vile-Walkin On A Pretty Daze

‘Wakin On A Pretty Daze’ by Kurt Vile

What can I say about Kurt Vile? That he’s one of the best singer/songwriters alive? Yeah, I can definitely say that.


‘Hummingbird’ by Local Natives

More proof that Local Natives can’t put out a bad song. Despite the terrible album art (gag), it’s a true gem.


‘Monomania’ by Deerhunter

I will defend this album with all my heart. ‘Monomania’ is the essence of Deerhunter’s creative energy and a true pleaure to listen to.

Honorable mentions:

 ‘Anything in Return’ by Toro Y Moi

‘Yeezus’ by Kanye West (yeah, yeah)

‘Soft Will’ by Smith Westerns

‘Modern Vampires of the City’ by Vampire Weekend

‘True Romance’ by Charli XCX

And there it is! Feel free to yell at me in the comments!  xoxo


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