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Review by Collin Dall

“Easy” was probably the best way for New Jersey band Real Estate to open their sophomore album Days, with a track that reads and sounds just that way. They’ve always had an incredible sense of relaxation and breeziness in their music. It’s such an attainable quality for a band to capture, but Real Estate does it in a way where it almost seems like they’ve invented it, and then perfected it and kept the formula for themselves, unselfishly of course. With a  very DIY-sounding and charming self titled album, followed up by arguably one of the best jangle pop record this decade, Real Estate is finally back after a long three-year break, with a new track, titled “Talking Backwards”.

Sonically, the track would have fit naturally with their past albums, but deeper down there is something about it that doesn’t make our wait seem worth it. Classically, Real Estate’s musicianship and interplay has always been top-notch, and here it seems like all of these parts were written separately from each other, especially the guitar work. Even the vocal track seems isolated, and doesn’t sound warm and conjoined with smiling melodies like they were in the past. Overall, a track as cold as this was not something I thought Real Estate had up their sleeves, and I hope my feelings toward the album grow warmer as time goes on.


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