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If I had to describe ‘Too True’ in five words, it would be this: 80’s goth pop garage rock. If that sounds ridiculous and appalling, I promise it’s not.

Dum Dum Girls have made a fascinating progression in recent years. Starting out as Dee Dee Penny’s solo garage pop project and melding into hi-fi 60’s-esque pop on sophomore album ‘Only In Dreams’, they’ve now shape-shifted again, and the results are captivating.

The album has a darkly mystic atmosphere, from the allusion to French poet Arthur Rimbaud to the moody synths in lead single “Lost Boys and Girls Club” (which is one of the bands’ most interesting songs.) But it’s still just as listenable as their previous work; Penny, as always, is excellent at editing herself and keeps the album from getting to kitschy with addictive (but still melancholy) pop tunes such as “In The Wake Of You” and “Under These Hands.”

I’ve seen a lot of people responding negatively to the album’s slick production, in favor of  the lo-fi sound of debut ‘I Will Be.’ But I disagree; it’s even easier to appreciate the beauty of the album with Penny’s gorgeous vocals clearly defined and each masterful layer of instrument distinct. I think it’s only right for Dum Dum Girls to showcase their talent front-and-center- they certainly deserve it.

Penny sings on “Evil Blooms”, “Be beautiful and sad/ it’s all you’ve ever had.” And that’s just what ‘Too True’ is.

Julia’s rating: 8/10



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