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Man, I love Cloud Nothings. There are a lot of garage/noise rock bands out there, many of which are very good, but I always end up coming back to these guys. There’s something about the way band mastermind Dylan Baldi crafts his songs that separates Cloud Nothings from their contemporaries: punk lyrics, noisy guitars, and lo-fi recording, all with a pop sensibility.

“I’m Not A Part Of Me” is the first single off upcoming album ‘Here And Nowhere Else.’ It instantly draws the listener in with a wobbly riff and pounding drums and only gets better from there. It’s hook after hook and and an immediate earworm. “I’m not telling you all I’m going through/I feel fine” Baldi insists with a growling conviction over a punchy riff, and that’s more or less the essence of the song; coming to terms with nostalgia and its repercussions.

You’ve got to give this track a listen. Trust me on this one. If the rest of the album lives up to “I’m Not A Part Of Me”, it may even be in the running for my favorite record.


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