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In this day and time, access to small, independent artists’ music has never been easier. With websites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, an incredibly wide platform for sharing and exploring music is provided to pretty much anyone with an internet connection. But this also means that there’s an overwhelming amount of stuff out there, and it’s hard to sift through it all. So today I present to you one of my favorite independent projects at the moment: Yeah Wings.

Yeah Wings, a.k.a. Collin Dall (you may remember him from this post) is an experimental singer-songwriter/noise project from Minneapolis. He has released two excellent EPs in the past month, which are available for download here and will also be sold together on cassette in the near future.

I interviewed Dall about Yeah Wings via email, and here’s what he had to say:

Noteworthy Music: What or who influences/inspires your music?

Collin Dall: Immolation Records labelmate Julian Powell (aka Motiongazer) was definitely and influence on me sonically, and also inspired and motivated me to start making music on my own. It’s really not difficult to start making things yourself but just sitting down and getting everything out is the hardest part.

NWM: What’s your songwriting process?
CD: Normally, I just start picking things on my guitar until something sounds nice, as basic as that sounds. I don’t start with a song structure in mind nor do I really care about that. If a riff I come up with sounds dainty or ethereal enough, It works for me. The first track on my latest EP ‘Smuther’ had power chords which is a total no-no in my sound but I think it may have worked in that sense, I don’t know.
NWM: What’s the story behind the name “Yeah Wings?”
CD: I shared this on an old Twitter account, but I can put it on the record permanently here. I was over at a friend’s house and back home, my mom was ordering pizza for us. She texted asking me what kind I wanted and if I wanted chicken wings with it too. So, I responded with “yeah wings cheese pizza” and I looked back on it and was like “yeah that has a cool ring to it” but I figured for the sake of artistic integrity I wouldn’t include the “cheese pizza” part.
NWM: Do you have any future plans for Yeah Wings?
CD: I have a lot of plans for this project. While at the time, after making two EPs in the span of a month, I’m feeling kind of pressed as to what I can do with just me and my guitar next, but I definitely want to do more with it. Doing a split with Motiongazer is in talks and that’s super exciting. We spoke recently about it. I’d like to do an album next but that’s probably after I get an actual mic and up the production quality significantly. Also, I’ve recently been getting into the local music scene around Minneapolis, where I live, and it’s kind of fascinating aside from the suffocating folk and alt-country bands around here. I do really want to play my songs out and make a thing out of this. I would expand my songs for these shows and that’s a very exciting process to me.
If you’d like to check Yeah Wings out, which I highly recommend, head over to his bandcamp.

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