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My first thought when I discovered MØ was, “oh, great, another electro-pop artist that music blogs will hype up for no reason.” I finally decided to give her a try on the recommendation of my friend. While I’m not 100% sold, I do enjoy songs on the album, and I wouldn’t hate hearing one of them played over and over on the radio.

I like MØ more than most of the electro-pop artists I’ve been subjected to this year, and I think that’s because it’s so clean and well-produced. There’s no just-for-good-measure synths, which is definitely nice. But it’s not simplified, either. This year especially, I’ve been seeing a lot more minimalistic pop- Lorde, Rhye, and Toro y Moi, to name a few- but MØ discards this trend, layering the noise that underlies her strong yet airy vocals.

Opening track “Fire Rides” is phenomenal, but the following “Maiden” is a bit stale. The album picks up after that though, and ends on a positive note. (I especially like foot-stomper “Walk This Way.”) The record has a sense of casual coolness, too, which keeps it from getting campy.

‘No Mythologies to Follow’ isn’t a breakthrough, and it doesn’t add anything new to dance or electro-pop (besides maybe encouraging artists to edit themselves.) This being said, I can see its commercial appeal; MØ’s sound is crisper and more fluid than much of the pop music currently in circulation and certainly less assuming. The album is not a power play but a sampler of sorts of what MØ has to offer. It’s not a standalone statement, but an introduction. I guarantee it’ll grace the soundtrack of multiple TV shows, too.

So, the consensus: not terrible, one of the better electro-pop releases this year. I probably won’t be playing ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ on repeat, but when I get that inexplicable craving for dance music, I’ll give it a spin.

Julia’s rating: 7/10


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