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‘Here and Nowhere Else’ is the fourth studio album from Cleveland noise rock/post-hardcore group Cloud Nothings. They made waves in 2012 with their highly acclaimed album ‘Attack on Memory’, and just when I thought they couldn’t get any better, they put out this absolute masterpiece.

‘Here and Nowhere Else’ is a beautifully disjointed rollercoaster. It’s a natural follow up to ‘Attack on Memory”s bleak gloom; the album is at some points angsty and unforgiving, at some resigned and honest, but always pumped with adrenaline. Band founder Dylan Baldi (Cloud Nothings was conceived as his solo project) projects his darker side without barriers; his signature snarling vocals command the attention of the listener and drive the album’s moodiness.

Fans of ‘Attack on Memory”s “Wasted Days” will be pleased to hear that there’s another sprawling gem on Cloud Nothings’ latest effort in the form of  the ever-evolving “Pattern Walks.” It’s the longest track, as well as the noisiest- and if I had to pick one thing Baldi has truly mastered, it’d conveying purpose through instrumental noise; one of the many things that makes Cloud Nothings’ songs so memorable is the fact that neither the lyrics nor the music itself are used as a crutch, but rather the elements are an inseparably dynamic duo.

It’s difficult to pick favorites from such an incredible album, but were I forced to, they’d be “Quieter Today”, “Psychic Trauma”, and “I’m Not Part Of Me.” “Quieter Today” is remarkable for its strong and personal lyrics and masterfully crafted hooks, and “Psychic Trauma” for its emotional pull and addictive riffs, plus the awesome tempo shift. (I obsessively praised closing track “I’m Not Part Of Me” here, so I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about it.)  There’s truly no weak track on the album.

It’s a tough decision, but if I had to pick I’d say ‘Here And Nowhere Else’ is the band’s best album, and a contender for the best post-hardcore album of recent days.

Julia’s rating: 9/10



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