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Look at rapper Brain C’s Bandcamp page and you’ll see his music described as emo, ironic, and punk. Those probably aren’t words you’d typically associate with rap. Pre-internet, you wouldn’t find those words in one sentence at all. But experimental and alternative rap has been on the rise, and it has a bigger market now than ever, especially considering the almost cultlike dedication to irony in internet culture especially.

There’s no doubt that Brain C, and similar projects, are influenced by this mindset. But the great thing about that is the bounty of fresh perspectives it provides. Brain C is not all parts irony or all parts seriousness, but a congruous blend of the two, and that’s what makes him stand out. His debut album, ‘END’, plays like a personal statement of his ideas and point of view; an introduction, if you will. Just take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

I talked to Brain C for an exclusive interview, and here’s what he had to say.


Noise PolluterThe subjects of your songs range from aloe vera to  being the cutest rapper in the game. What influences your music?

Brain C My influences to Brain C music often come from the environment around me. I like plants, friends and being cute so I’ll rap about those topics. I like to talk about the things I like. 

NPYour music has humor, but it gets serious, too. How do you balance that?

BC: I never honestly thought about trying to balance the more humorous side of Brain C with the more serious side. I just seem to write down things without thinking twice. My more serious side on “IHU” was originally a rant but I edited parts of it to make it into a song. Writing out my humor and seriousness helps me get out my emotions, y’kno?

NP: What do you think makes a good rap album?

BC: Sometimes I analyze (an album) for how aggressive/calm the lyrics are compared to how aggressive/calm the beats are. Sometimes they can compliment each other but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I try not to analyze the lyrics in the way that some people are like “oh those lyrics aren’t good” because I don’t care. They could be saying something that makes no sense but I don’t care as long as the flow of the words seem to go with the beat. I like rappers from Lil Wayne to Kool Skull.

NPThere were a lot of producers involved with END, but the sound is fairly consistent. How does all that work out?

BCI’m surprised about the turnout of that as well. I’m baffled that it even worked at all. Maybe it’s just that Brain C sound, you know?

NP: Last but not least… what is purple soup?

BCAbstract of H.A.M Squad came up with that line. I’m pretty sure it’s code name for that purple drink known as “Lean.” That purp drank.


Brian Colliton, aka Brain C, is a rapper based out of Salisbury, MD who is also a horticulture student. Currently he is sponsored by ToastyCo Clothing.

Stream or download Brain C’s debut album, ‘END,’ here.



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