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What Team Am I On Album Art

by Hadley Harrison

The Hawks (Of Holy Rosary)’s ‘What Team Am I On?’ enters the ever-growing garage-pop scene with a balance of honest, accessible lyrics and straightforward melodies, reminding the listener of the genre’s humble beginnings. Lyrically, The Hawks keep it simple, focusing instead on an energy that would make a live performance raucous—much like garage rockers FIDLAR and The Orwells.

After meeting in elementary school, guitarist Frank Weysos and bassist Chuck Hernandez formed The Hawks, then added J.C. Noriega on drums, Christine Roberts on keys, David Manzano on percussion, and John Dailey on guitar. The group’s sophomore album, ‘What Team Am I On?’, will be released on Texas Is Funny Records on July 22.

High-energy “Snakes And Hawks” feels like a reunion of close friends, complete with a chorus that is engineered for shout-singing and a tempo that inspires a little dancing. Single “Robert DeNiro” is messy and singable, and the rest of the album follows suit: the majority of songs are upbeat, lively, and ready for entry into the notoriously dynamic garage genre. Heartfelt and unhurried, “Panda Buffet” stands out from the other tracks lyrically and energetically, and is a personal favorite. Weysos, Roberts, and Hernandez harmonize over a soft riff—think Dinosaur Jr. singing about a romance between two slackers.

With a few exceptions, the album is simple fun: “Fuck My Way To The Top,” “Ez Pz,” and “Zach and Jack” fit perfectly on a carefree soundtrack for summer. The album clearly caters to performance more than at-home listening, but it deserves to be played loudly, and preferably on the way to a Hawks gig, where the songs would truly shine.



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