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1424460_921528074525726_2027346229112788085_nwritten by Parker Harris

 Somehow in the tsunami-like wash of lesser-known bands floating around Instagram, I discovered THE DADDYO’S, a lo-fi surf-rock duo from Tulsa, Oklahoma. While they may still be considered an underground band, with a self-released album and around two dozen (excellent) demos on Soundcloud, this band is absolutely worth a listen. I love the internet.

They took time out of their busy day(s) of getting stoned and watching The Wedding Singer to answer some unprofessionally emailed interview questions. Enjoy.


PARKER HARRIS FOR NOISE POLLUTER: Can you guys introduce yourselves for those who haven’t heard your band?

KYLIE HASTINGS: We’re a four-piece shoegaze-y grunge pop band that likes tacos and space ships.
Kylie Slabby- guitar/vocals/drums
Kylie Hastings(me)- guitar/ vocals
Allen Martin- drums/guitar
Mike Gilliland- bass


NP: What have you been up to? Any shows?

KH: Besides recording the new album, it feels like we’ve been playing a TON of shows. A lot of them have been out of town recently, which is exciting. In the last few months we’ve been to Stillwater, Norman, [Oklahoma City], Fayetteville, and Austin. We’re going to be in Wichita for a show July 13th, and again in the fall for ICT Fest! We’re also trying very hard to get on up to Chicago this August.


NP: I love the way you guys describe yourselves on your Instagram as “spooky sunshine pop,” which I find very accurate. Who inspires your sound?

KH: We really dig Brian Jonestown Massacre and My Bloody Valentine for their spookies.

KYLIE SLABBY: Hmm…We are inspired by lots of bands and things. Some of our favorites are Vivian Girls, Mika Miko, Habibi, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc.


NP: Do any movies or TV shows or video games appeal to your “spooky” tendencies?

KH: Jawbreaker, and probably The Wedding Singer. Which aren’t necessarily spooky, but Jawbreaker has a killer 90’s soundtrack. Specifically, the song “Somebody Kill Me Please” in The Wedding Singer.


NP: Tell me about your album, ‘It’s a Tough World Out There For a Lonely Girl.’ Did you guys record it yourselves?

KH: Our bassist, Mike Gilliland, recorded that album for us in his own Auggy Reed Studios. He records a lot of the bands in Tulsa. Recently, someone who isn’t a huge fan of us referred to us all as “Auggy Reed Kids”, and we think that’s badass.

KS: It was really fun getting to record with our best friend/band mate.


NP: What did you hope to accomplish with the release? World domination?

KH: We didn’t expect this album to take off like it did. We’re all pretty surprised at how well people like it! World domination?! That’s a possibility. But I don’t know if the world world would be good in our hands. We’re pretty irresponsible and lazy.


NP: Have you guys toured at all? If so, what’s your favorite place you’ve been?

KS: Ugh, no, unfortunately… But, an East-Coast Fall tour is being talked about/somewhat planned at the moment with our best friends in Annabelle, Chairlegs (based out of ATX), so we are pretty excited and hoping it all works out!

KH: We’ve been a few places in the midwest. Favorite place was definitely Austin. We have so many amazing musician friends there, and the beer is higher point. Being there is a huge inspiration musically.


NP: Will you please play a show in my town? Also will you move to my town, become my best friends, and never leave? I’ll give you a dollar.

KH: If you like a) getting blazed b) eating pizza/tacos c) watching Friends d) all the above… then YES, we will totally come hang out and be your BFF for free!


NP: Speaking of never leaving, do you guys like Tulsa, or are you just stuck there? Or are you full-on Tulsa patriots?

KH: Tulsa is a beautiful city. Most everyone here is born and raised, and there’s a very close-knit community. HOWEVER, everyone knows everyone. There’s pretty much two decent venues to play at, and it can get very boring here very fast.

KS: We aren’t super fond of Tulsa. We have been here our whole lives basically and are ready to see new things. But more importantly we just want to be out on the road all the time. If that’s how it was, we wouldn’t mind coming back to Tulsa as much.


NP: Any Tulsa bands you want to name drop here? We have a readership of thousands (EDITORS NOTE: we do not have a readership of thousands)!

KH: Hey Judy, Okie Mirage, Bitchcraft, Fabulous Minx, Lesbian Summer, No Water, Old Powder New Gun, Tum Yetos, etc. There’s so many bands popping up around Tulsa. It’s awesome.

KS: Mike and Allen have another band called Cucumber and the Suntans. Allen, Mike and I are in a band called WHO & THE FUCKS. We play shows together all the time, which is fun because between the 4 of us we have 3 awesome bands. Also, our band parents (as we like to call them) Hey Judy are awesome! There’s a nice little group of local bands in Tulsa that we really like. All of them are completely different genres of music, which is nice too.


NP: Hopefully there aren’t any cops reading this, but I couldn’t overlook the listing of “pot” under your band interests. Do your parents know you smoke? Do/would they approve?

KH: Yeah they definitely do. They don’t “approve” necessarily but we could be doing worse shit. No one cares about pot anymore. “Everyone’s doing it.” My mom asked me to housesit and politely requested that I “smoke my pot outside.”

KS: Haha, well, we definitely don’t bring it up at family dinner or anything. As parents, they probably wouldn’t. But we are all adults here soooooo…


NP: What’s the craziest story you can tell me from a time you got super high?

KS: We’re always super high. Our whole life is crazy and weird and awkward.

KH: Yeah, pretty much. A waitress at our favorite diner gave us a blunt the last time we ate there, soooo…


NP: What is your preferred snack whilst stoned?

KS: Hmm… It really depends. Sometimes sour candy, and sometimes these really fucking spicy and delicious chips. Or taquitos. Or pizza (duh).

KH: I always end up eating frozen corn dogs. But its more like, if it’s edible, I’m going to eat it.


NP: Are there any other substances, legal or not, you’re addicted to?

KH: I guess cigarettes. But I’m over 18 and I do what I want. *snap*

KS: (couldn’t think of anything… was trying to think of something witty)

KH: She’s addicted to sweets. Cavity queen over here.


NP: Thank you so much guys for your time and your love. Hopefully you’ll be moving in with me soon.

KH: We’re stoked to answer these questions. Thanks for the interview.




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