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by Aimee Myers

It seems like every band is Los Angeles is locked in the same garage, attempting to drink each other under the table in terms of how much surf rock can be incorporated into a song before it drowns in a sea of reverb. Every once in a blue moon, however, a band skips the garage all together and goes straight to the warehouse, the record shop, the bar, to give LA’s music scene a much needed wake up call. This time, that band is No-Fi.

Their self-titled EP packs just enough familiar surf punk into four tracks to pull at the heartstrings you once had reserved solely for Ty Segall’s next release, but flips it all upside down with a delightfully original twist on LA’s ever-present garage rock sound. Within the first few seconds of “BaBa,” the EP’s opening track, you’re thrown into the rabbit hole, dizzied by a storm of sunny guitars, crunching drums, and beer-soaked vocals, and you’ve never been so happy to take the ride. By the time the final chords of the appropriately titled “Last Song” are ringing through your ears, it’s been confirmed that No-Fi is certainly a band to keep an eye out for, having tastefully perfected and modestly dominated a sound that so many Angeleno artists have attempted to make their own.


No-Fi’s self-titled EP is available for download and stream on Bandcamp, and on self-released cassettes through Low and Slow. If you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to catch No-Fi at Los Globos on August 31st for the Burger Records BBQ.

Photograph by Sophie Appel




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