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by Aimee Myers

Where there is anger, there will be punk music, and where there is punk music, there will be girls. Yelling girls, thrashing girls, shredding girls, and, most importantly, girls with something to say. Take these girls, put them in pretty clothes, hand them candy-colored instruments, and you have LA-via-Oakland punks Deadpanzies. We asked these three lovely ladies a few questions, and this is what they had to say:

AIMEE MYERS FOR NOISE POLLUTER: How did you guys meet and decide to become a band?

KT FLANAGAN (bass): I met Emily high school and we’ve been best friends ever since. We moved from Oakland to Los Angeles in May and met Erika at Brite Spot [a café in Echo Park] our first night in town.

EMILY SANDO-BROWN (drums): But we didn’t really get to know each other until the day we were part of the Corners music video for “Love Letters.”

ERIKA LAWSON (mandola & electric violin): They asked me to jam noise guitar with them a couple days before Burger-A-Go-Go, and it’s been rad ever since.


NP: Who or what do you consider to be your greatest lyrical influence?

KF: Flipper. Anything bleak and dark. Sonic Youth is so good because of their dark metaphors and surrealism. Kim Gordon is a bad ass bitch.

ESB: Lydia Lunch. Her No Wave-y style and spoken word always inspired me. She pushed boundaries with her feminist lyrics and lifestyle. Also especially early Velvet Underground. Mo Tucker is a sick minimalistic drummer. And yeah, Joan Jett.

EL: For Deadpanzies I just write songs about people and things I hate. Do not fear anger or the demons inside of you. I also love Laurie Anderson. She’s a genius.

ESB: Embrace the hate.


NP: What’s your songwriting process like?

ESB: Like making a sandwich or a cheese filled crepe. Maybe just a sandwich. But I still really like crepes.

KF: When I write songs they come in random spurts of feeling, and then I fuck around on the bass.

ESB: It happens when we’re in the same room together. Just jamming a lot.

KF: Yeah. We have real chemistry.

ESB: I write songs when I feel too much love and I wanna be hateful.

EL: I came in later on most of the songs, so I’m just lucky they’re cool and let me vomit on everything.


NP: Have you found that living and working in a city as chaotic as LA helps or hinders your creative process?

ESB: It’s definitely given us more people to hate.

KF: I like my music to sound chaotic so it’s working for me.

EL: I love that there are so many shows going on all the time. I get really excited when a band totally kills it live. Yay chaos.


NP: What made you want to start playing music?

KF: A friend of mine that I hardly knew asked Emily and I totally randomly to be in his band and handed me drumsticks. Back then I was really into noise music, so not knowing how to play very well was okay.

ESB: Yeah. Super weird. Yacob, a queer feminist noise punk boy, kinda just picked us out of a crowd.

EL: My parents are classical musicians so they just made me start playing the violin when I was five years old. I hated it. It was boring. And now I play electric mandola behind my head…


NP: What excites you the most about being in a band?

EL: Outfits!

ESB: Sequins!

KF: It’s an obligated time to hang out with people I appreciate musically. Also, sequins.

EL: Playing shows is a special, intense kind of fun.

ESB: Putting my feminist ideals in your face and hopefully inspiring some young girl to do something, too.


NP: What’s the best show you’ve ever played?

ESB: Definitely a tie between Burger A-Go-Go and the Tête residency show at the Echo because of the sick all-girl mosh pit.

KF: Agreed. I also liked our CoolWorld show because I was covered in blood and everyone was dressed in drag.

EL: Yeah. All cool.


NP: If you could tour with any band, dead or alive, who would it be?

EL: – Corners/Billy Changer. I wanna kiss my fiancé [Robert Cifuentes of both bands] ALL THE TIME. And conflicting tour schedules suck.

KF: The Birthday Party because we love Nick Cave. He inspired “Boneyard.”

ESB: I want to time travel back to like 1979 and play with all the No Wave bands in New York. And Blondie. The Runaways. And Kathleen Hanna!


NP: Who are your favorite LA bands right now?

DEADPANZIES: Corners (obviously). Sex Stains. LA Witch. Gateway Drugs. Wand. Cherry Glazerr…It’s hard to answer this because so many of our friends are in great bands!


NP: What’s next for Deadpanzies?

DEADPANZIES: We’re excited to record our full-length album at Lolipop Records with Robert [Cifuentes of Corners and Billy Changer] next week.


If you’re in Los Angeles this month, you can catch Deadpanzies with Meat Market and No Parents at the Orphanage in Historic Filipinotown on October 18th (Emily’s birthday!) and with Guantanamo Baywatch, No Parents, and Bombon on October 26th at Harold’s Place in San Pedro. In the meantime, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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