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In the drones and ambient soundscapes of Soiled’s ‘Splices and phases’ there is a sense of urgency and suspense. There’s something about the album that seems intergalactic, like the soundtrack to the space odyssey of your nightmares.

With song titles like “Caustic surplus of robotic smiles” and “Spectrum binary training” it’s easily interpreted as a futuristic body of work. Yet its depth and character lie in its ties to the past: the subtle piano of “Dull ached spaced,” the church-choir intro to “Boulby deep mist,” the simple guitar of “Footsteps.” Each song is individually beautiful and the album itself is cohesive and magnificent.

I have a complicated relationship with ambient music. There’s a fine line between boring and beautiful. ‘Splices and phases’ is an album that is never dull but doesn’t try too hard to make itself likable, either.

My personal favorite tracks off the record are the aforementioned “Caustic surplus of robotic smiles” and “Creepy crawling and drifting,” but I would recommend a listen in its entirety.

‘Splices and phases’ is a darkly gorgeous album that I highly recommend. Listen to it on a night drive or a rainy morning. Trust me on this one.


Purchase or stream the album on Bandcamp here.




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