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Keep an eye on Duncan Kennedy.

The Frisco, Texas-based musician produced excellent music under a number of names in 2014. He was a member of the now-defunct post-rock band Belief Systems and released solo music under both grindcore act Daddy’s Bananas and his primary project, Tarrace Markus. Which is what we’re here to discuss.
Kennedy put his first Tarrace Markus record out in January 2014, a self-titled album which introduced his noise-driven, experimental perspective. Nearly a year later, I got the chance to interview him about Tarrace Markus.

JULIA CONLON FOR NOISE POLLUTER: Tell me a little bit about Tarrace Markus. What does the name mean? What was your initial vision for the project?

DUNCAN KENNEDY: Originally I had recorded and released a string of releases under my own name. As I started to move into more experimental forms of music it became slightly off-putting in terms of presentation to use my own name so I just needed a placeholder name. Also, the quality of many of the releases was, and still is, very questionable and with Tarrace Markus I wanted to distance myself from myself so to speak. Originally the project was supposed to be more off the wall and experimental (I wanted it to come off as outsider music essentially), but it gradually evolved into the noisier side that it’s at now.

NP: What’s your process behind recording and using field recordings?

DK: I don’t really do them much anymore sadly, but what I used to do was if I was in class or outside, or just anywhere really and some interesting audio presented itself I took advantage of it and recorded it. I really peaked with the idea of my field recording as a whole on “Works…” it’d be interesting if I could get back into it, but at this point I’m very much into just sampling audio and “shittying” it up.

NP: What do you think is the most important aspect in a live set?

DK: Attack and brevity.

NP: How do you adapt your music for live performances?

DK: I don’t really try to. A record is one experience, and a live set is another however I’m going to record a collaborative record with Archiver at some point that I’d like to be able to play tracks from live at some point. My most recent shows have just been very confrontational noise wall sets.

NP: What are some of your influences?

DK: Some of my influences include Prurient, Swans, Vår (especially their noise tapes from when they were War), Godflesh, Street Sects, Wreck And Reference, Vomir, Puce Mary, Death In June, and Non. Would also like to shout out my boy Wet Dreamer.

NP: Describe Tarrace Markus in three words.

DK: Confrontational, Brief, Squirm.

Tarrace Markus can be found on bandcamp here.



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