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Erica Glyn has done it all.

She’s a musical artist, a producer, and an engineer. She’s created a catalog of captivating solo albums, composed film scores, and collaborated with musicians from all across the spectrum. Her latest release, the EP ‘Dollars for Thieves,’ is a stunning display of her signature rocktronica with melodic, experimental nuances.

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to talk to Glyn about the release.

NOISE POLLUTER: ‘Dollars for Thieves’ is a very diverse EP. Would you say it has an overall theme?

ERICA GLYN: Yes, I guess it is pretty diverse. But there is an overall theme that perhaps has many different faces to it, so to speak. Dollars For Thieves deals with 21st Century challenges and frustrations, and the desire to be a better person within those limitations.

NP: What’s your favorite thing about being a solo artist?

EG: I would say my favorite thing is, not having to compromise my vision as a musician or an artist.

NP: Your EP includes an Echo and the Bunnymen cover- why did you choose this song?

EG: Good question! Actually, my boyfriend suggested that I cover the song. He thought that it was up my alley and that I would be able to pay homage to the band while simultaneously making it sound like an Erica Glyn track.

NP: I saw that you had written an article about DIY recording last month- did you record your EP yourself?

EG: Yes I did! I produce and engineer all of my music. And now I have recently started producing other artists.

NP: Besides being an artist, you’ve also worked as an audio engineer for people from Hillary Clinton to Dr. Oz- are there any experiences from this that stick out to you?

EG: The Secret Service that accompanies Hillary Clinton was pretty memorable!

NP: Describe your music in three words.

EG: Passionate. Honest. Sexy.

Stay up to date with Erica Glyn on her Facebook page.




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