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 by Aimee Myers

 On Facebook, MELTED list their influences as follows: “Miguel’s Jr Garbage Burritos, Dr. Pepper, Puppies and Kittens, Mars Attacks.” Clearly Corona’s punks are here for a good time, and with the release of ‘Ziptripper,’ their debut record, they’re making it happen and taking us along for the wild ride. Get to know garage rock’s latest sensation as they take over southern California one riff at a time:

Aimee Myers for Noise Polluter: Tell us a little about yourselves. How did you all meet?

Justin Eckley (guitar & vocals): We started making music together after I started dating Sam’s sister. Leo and Sam had a band together before called Teenage Babies, and I really wanted to make music again after a year (of) not doing anything and asked them to jam.

NP: At what moment did you realize that you wanted to start making music?

JE: Sam has played in a ton of bands over the years, I’ve been writing music for a long time, and Leo is an incredible guitar player. We all had experience and thought we could make something noteworthy.

NP: What excites you most about being in a band?

JE: I think generally for MELTED, the most exciting thing is seeing people stoked to see or hear us. The idea that someone is stoked like we were stoked to see our favorite bands is a really humbling feeling.

NP: When it comes to the slew of garage bands constantly coming up out of LA and Orange County, do you view them as competition or as inspirations?

JE: These bands are our family. We support them, and they support us. Every band we’ve played with has been really welcoming and we try to always be just as welcoming.

NP: Sam, I know you’ve photographed local shows for a while now, so did working with and around other bands in a musical setting inspire you at all to help start Melted?

Sam Perez (drums): Being around the scene and seeing all these rad bands made me realize I was missing out on one of the best parts of the scene, which is playing music for people rather than just photographing it and attending shows. So yes, it did.

NP: Were any of you involved in bands prior to Melted?

JE: Like I said before, we’ve all been playing music for a long time in multiple bands. Sam has played in a lot of hardcore and metal bands. I’ve played in a bunch of different types and Leo has been jamming music with people for years.

NP: Many sonic elements of your EP ‘Ziptripper’ bring several fellow southern Californian bands, such as the Audacity, FIDLAR, and Together Pangea, to mind. Do you feel as though you would have developed a different sound if you weren’t constantly in the midst of this scene?

JE: We are constantly asked if we are influenced by these bands and the answer is an obvious yes. But we take so much influence from so many other bands and people. We write songs we think are cool and don’t really try to emulate someone else’s style in our process. We are always influenced by our friends on how to be as musicians and as humans.

NP: You’ve recently been added to the first day of Burgerama Four! Which bands are you most excited to see?

JE: The better question is who aren’t we excited for, because this year’s lineup is so stacked.

SP: Definitely No Parents, Lovely Bad Things, Audacity and King Khan!

Leo Arroyo (bass): Bone Thugs.

NP: What’s next for Melted?

Justin: When we get back from tour, we have a bunch of shows and then we hit the studio with Jonny Bell. Maybe another tour soon?

NP: Any last words for the readers?

Justin: If you are reading this, we love you.

Melteds debut record, Ziptripper, is available for download and stream on Bandcamp, and can be purchased on cassette from Burger Records and Lolipop Records. Be sure to catch Melted later this month at Burgerama Four, and keep up to date with future shows and releases through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Photo credit Carl Pocket.




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