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noise polluter

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by Aimee Myers

Noise Polluter featured folk artist and harpist Risa Rubin back in January, and now the saga continues:

Angeleno chanteuse Risa Rubin’s latest video for her song “Not My Family” features clips of dancers performing everywhere from alleyways in New York City to a garden in Laos. Although these locations may seem exotic to most viewers, there’s a sense of familiarity evident in the video’s hazy, almost dream-like visuals, similar to that of an old home movie. Rubin transports her audience to a field in Santa Cruz, the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, and even a snowy parking lot in Maine, but still remembers to make the occasional visit to the viewer as she sings to the camera with a knowing look in her green eyes, harnessing the aforementioned intimacy.

The video can be seen above, and Rubin’s debut cassette, SHEMA, which features “Not My Family,” is available on Lolipop Records.



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