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Joaquin bringing you down? I have just the solution. Welcome back to another Monday and another blog post. I bring you four more A+ new tracks that will brighten up your probably rainy afternoon (provided your Internet isn’t down.)

Okay, the first one isn’t REALLY new, but the video is. It’s by one of my favorite breakthrough acts of the year, Bully (who I didn’t get to see at Hopscotch because of 21+ venues- BOO) and it’s called “Too Tough.” “Too Tough” is my second favorite song off of their debut ‘Feels Like,’ and it’s a perfect fed-up anthem.


Hibou is the dream-pop-inspired project of Peter Michel. His self-titled album released in September and the new video for shimmering yet vaguely gloomy single “When The Season Ends” can be seen below.


Now introducing another self-titled album starting with the letter H: Hectorina. Hectorina is a local Charlotte band who you might be familiar with if you live in the Carolinas due to their rock opera “Collywobble.” They, too, have a (spooky) new video below for their song “Why Should I Wait.”


Finally, IN BREAKING NEWS, Bloc Party have premiered two new songs, “The Good News” and “Exes,” on BBC earlier today!!!!! They have been on hiatus since 2013 and I am V EXCITED that they are back! Listen here starting at the 2 hr 15 min mark (“Exes” is played later at about the 2 hr 39 min mark.)


And that’s all for now. See you here this time next week!



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Welcome back to The Monday Menagerie. This week I have three great new artists for your listening pleasure and one classic: Young Rival, Corrina Repp, Lowly, and Editors.

First up is Canadian trio Young Rival. They’re self-described as “croon psych” with a definite garage influence. Their single “Interior Light,” is a groovy, head-boppy track and the first off their upcoming album of the same name- with a super cool music video to boot.


You may have seen Corrina Repp before without realizing it; aside from being a musician, she’s a recurring guest on Portlandia. Her new album ‘The Pattern of Electricity’ is a quiet and intimate affair reminiscent of Agnes Obel or Sharon Van Etten.


Hailing from Denmark is Lowly, an indie pop five-piece. Their EP ‘Sink Way Into Me’ will be released on October 30th, but they’ve shared infectious single “Fire”:


Finally, post-punk-inspired rock band Editors are back with their fifth album ‘In Dream,’  which releases October 2nd. They teamed up with Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell for the heavy and expansive “The Law,” which is worth listening to even if you’re not an Editors fan.


That’s is for this week. Come back again next Monday, and as always, my inbox is open at!



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Confession: I was seriously considering putting Noise Polluter on hiatus after Hopscotch. I’m in college now and I wasn’t sure if I would have time to keep putting energy into the blog, especially since I’m now involved in my college’s newspaper and radio station. But people keep sending me really cool music that I want to share with you all, and thus, my plan was foiled. From now on, every Monday I’ll be highlighting some of the gr9 stuff in my inbox along with various other news. I’m not going to be able to review music as intensively as this time last year, but I hope that I’m still able to pass on some awesome music to my awesome readers.

This week, four artists caught my attention as I sifted through my mailbox. First was Lyla Foy, a dreamy act from London who is putting out a new EP, ‘UMi,’ in October. Foy has several lush, atmospheric albums under her belt, and describes her new single “Right to Be” as her personal favorite from the EP.


Also from London but with a very different sound is The Big Moon. Their single “The Road” is a self-described “anti-party anthem” with a deadpan video to match.


Bringing the noise is grungy five-piece Menace Beach. Their EP ‘Super Transporterreum’ debuts on October 2nd, and the two tracks they’ve released thus far are A+ headbanging material.


Finally, Welsh songstress Gwenno awes with the beautiful vidoe for her song “Patriarchaeth” off new album ‘Y Dydd Olaf.’ Gwenno is a fascinating artist, creating socially aware electropop in the Welsh and Cornish languages.


That’s all for this week! As always, feel 100% free to shoot me an email at


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