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 photos by Riley Kmet

Columbus, Ohio-based Indigo Wild have had an impressive March. They’ve been busy on tour with Desert Noises, have a Daytrotter session to come out at the end of this month, and to cap it all off, they’ve now released their new single “High Point.”

“High Point” is breezy, melodic, and the perfect track to usher in your spring. I’ve admittedly grown fairly jaded towards indie pop that could be considered “breezy”, but Indigo Wild have managed to craft a song with both a feel-good tone and musical depth without straining themselves. The fault of many of the quartet’s contemporaries- overcompensation- is immediately ruled out as it’s evident Indigo Wild has talent to spare and the smarts to use it well.

So, the next time you’re on a walk in the park or driving on a sunny day, I’d reccomend you’d give “High Point” a listen.

For fans of: Local Natives, The Antlers, Lower Dens




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It’s called “Susie Thumb”, and it’s off Segall’s forthcoming album ‘Manipulator.’  It’s the grungiest he’s gone with his solo work, and it has a fiery touch of glam rock to boot (although anyone who’s seen his recent press photos shouldn’t be surprised by that.) Anyways, not only is the song superb, but it’s also available for free download on KEXP. Love you, Ty.

Stream or download here.

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by Julia Conlon

by Julia Conlon

It’s pretty clear at this point that Jamie Smith is the sole talent of The xx, so releasing a solo album is a smart move for him. He’s already shared the excellent lead double A-side, “Girl/ Sleep Sound,” and now, he’s debuted another track from his forthcoming album, “All Under One Roof Raving.”

“All Under One Roof Raving,” as to be expected from its title, has a funky beat and a thick bassline; unexpected, however, is that it samples spoken word and natural sound from the short film “Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore.”

Unfortunately, as of right now the track is only available to  on Annie Mac’s BBC 1 radio show; for best results, skip to 1:00:42. An interview with Smith precedes the stream.

(Edit 6/25: The track is now available for streaming at Rdio.)


Listen to ‘Sleep Sound’ below:

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Mackenzie Keefe is a Massachusetts musician who has just premiered the first single from his upcoming debut album, ‘Boyfriend TV.’ The song, called “8:09, Middle East Bathroom,” is a sunny, jangly beauty that should have a place on everyone’s summer playlists.

Recommended for fans of: Mac DeMarco, Real Estate, Foxygen

Find him on Bandcamp here.

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Sean O’Neill is a Perth-by-way-of-London musician who has just released his first single, the stirring “Vienna.” It’s one part classic singer-songwriter folk, one part ambient soundscape, and one part rainy-day ballad. O’Neill cites influences such as Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver, but “Vienna” leans more towards Sun Kil Moon- esque silver-lined melancholy than the bleak New Weird America work of his contemporaries. With this track. O’Neill crafts a gorgeously introspective piece that wells up listeners’ emotions without letting them drown in sadness.

Listen below:


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Man, I love Cloud Nothings. There are a lot of garage/noise rock bands out there, many of which are very good, but I always end up coming back to these guys. There’s something about the way band mastermind Dylan Baldi crafts his songs that separates Cloud Nothings from their contemporaries: punk lyrics, noisy guitars, and lo-fi recording, all with a pop sensibility.

“I’m Not A Part Of Me” is the first single off upcoming album ‘Here And Nowhere Else.’ It instantly draws the listener in with a wobbly riff and pounding drums and only gets better from there. It’s hook after hook and and an immediate earworm. “I’m not telling you all I’m going through/I feel fine” Baldi insists with a growling conviction over a punchy riff, and that’s more or less the essence of the song; coming to terms with nostalgia and its repercussions.

You’ve got to give this track a listen. Trust me on this one. If the rest of the album lives up to “I’m Not A Part Of Me”, it may even be in the running for my favorite record.

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