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*SPECIAL NOTICE: I will not be accepting new submissions from September 3rd-10th.

With Noise Polluter’s growth, I’ve been getting increasing amounts of submitted posts, interviews, and reviews. While I welcome and encourage this, there are a few guidelines I’d appreciate writers follow to make sure the site is organized and consistent.


Album Reviews

  • Album titles go in single parentheses (i.e. ‘Halcyon Digest’) while song titles go in standard parentheses (i.e. “Desire Lines.”)
  • Please include an embed code to a song from the album- this can be from Souncloud, Bandcamp, etc.
  • Please, please break your review up into paragraphs.


  • If you’re conducting an interview on behalf of Noise Polluter, let me know first. I’m not gonna shoot you down, but I need to know what’s going on.
  • Please include a picture relating to the interview.

Live Reviews

  • Take some pictures while you’re there and include them in your article. They can be iPhone quality.
  • This is where you really need to have a strong voice. It can be boring to read about someone watching a band, but it can also be really, really interesting if done well.


That’s about it. Use your grammar and write up a storm.






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